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NEW REVIEW: Frederick Germaine - Ladies' Man

Ladies' ManFrederick Germaine
Ladies' Man
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1.5 out of 5 books

Damien Hardy was an All-American athlete at Crenshaw High in Los Angeles. He had a baseball scholarship from USC and a beautiful girlfriend that he was madly in love with. But that all comes to a screeching halt when he finds out that she betrayed him. Thinking with his heart instead of his head, he rescinds the scholarship and heads off to The University of Miami for a fresh start.

After 5 years of college (yes 5), he decides to follow his roomate and best-friend Mookie to Atlanta, GA, where he hopes to start his career in his chosen field. Shortly after his move, Mookie gets himself into some trouble that there is just no fixing. Damien lands himself a great job. Fast forward ten years, and Damien finds himself without a job. And on top of all that, one of the women he was sexing drops an unexpected surprise that will change his life. Not to mention that there is one woman that feels scorned, and you know what they say about a woman scorned?!

LADIES MAN by Frederick Germaine was a poorly edited novel. There are an abundant amount of editing issues throughout the novel. And to top it all off, the synopsis gives too much of the story away. Mr Germaine mentions that the main character, Damien, is "involved with a plethora of beautiful black women." but over the course of 15 years only mentions a total of about 5 women. Mr. Germaine also makes a point of saying that Damien went to college for a total of five years, but never mentions what Damien went to college for, or what field he had hoped to go into with his degree. The story was very detailed...from what the character wore, ate, and what paperwork was filled out, to a daily account of what he did. Now I will say that there were two parts in this story that would have been interesting if elaborated on, but Mr. Germaine seems to bypass over these parts quickly. These parts could have made for an interesting and better storyline.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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