Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Victoria Vanee Anderson - Lady Vicious

(5ive Star Publications Presents) Lady ViciousVictoria Vanee' Anderson
Lady Vicious
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2 out of 5 books

Vita Truth, a.k.a. Lady Vicious, comes from a family of nothing but pimps and hustlers. So it is a given that she should have pimpin' in her blood. After putting her foot in the drug game for a brief period and instead of spending her money on the finest clothes, jewelry or other designer items, Vita stacks her money until she and her best friend have a nice stash. The question is, what are they going to do with all the money?

That's when Vita comes up with the idea of an escort business with a total of 20 beautiful women. Ten are average girls that will pretty much do anything for that dollar, and the other are Lady Vicious' top ten. They are the finest of the women who will only date men with money, power and respect. Money begins flowing in and eventually Lady Vicious decides to open up a strip club. But with more money comes more problems. The previous owner is none to happy with her success with his former club, and he wants it back. At what cost does he want it back, and will Lady Vicious even want to go up against this well respected hustler on the streets?

Lady Vicious by Victoria Vanee' Anderson was very slow getting moving. The story seemed to jump around and not have a flow to it, thus making for a difficult read. There are gaps within the story that desperately need to be filled in, and at times, the story is very repetitive. I had a hard time getting into the storyline because it was so cut and dry. With a good developmental editor the story has the potential to be better but until then I cannot say I would recommend this novel.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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