Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Nique Roberson - Tatted On My Neck

Tatted On My Neck: It Takes Love To Know LoveNique Roberson
Tatted On My Neck
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3 out of 5 books

Chantel is a misunderstood young woman who is daddy's girl in every sense of the word. She even has a tattoo of her daddy's name. Chantel's mother, Teresa, regrets the day Chantel was ever born. Living with a mother that hates her and determined to turn her father against her is a tough pill to swallow. So Chantel eagerly gets involved with an older man and soon earns the reputation of being "a slut."

Teresa ships her daughter off to live with Chantel's no nonsense brother in L.A where she soons meets the sexy, tatted up, and NFL bound Chris. The only thing is that Chris's girlfriend, Shalonda, is in the way. Chris and Shalonda have been together for four years, and Shalonda is territorial when it comes to her man. That does not stop Shalonda from having her cake and eating it too, nor does it stop the ensuing friendship laced with attraction between Chantel and Chris.

Tatted On My Neck by Nique Roberson was a good debut novel. It is a story of jealousy and lies. The story is somewhat repetitive with the constant back and forth fighting between the characters and their relationships. I got a little confused with the lyrics to songs intertwined within the story since the lyrics were not italicized. Near the end of the story, there was a huge gap that I would have liked filled and unanswered questions satisfied. I am assuming the questions will be answered in book 2 since this is going to be a 3 part series. All-in-all, Tatted On My Neck was a good read, and I look forward to reading the next book within the series to see what happens next.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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