Tuesday, July 03, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Ann Christopher - Deadly Desires

Ann Christopher
Deadly Desires
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4.5 out of 5 books

Kira Gregory is on the run for her life! The wife of a drug kingpin, she has known the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of life. Kira married Kareem Gregory to get out of her father's house. When she married Kareem, she had no idea that she was going from bad to worse. After 4 years of marriage and all the physical and emotional abuse she could take, Kira left Kareem the same night he was indicted on federal charges. Kira knew this was a death sentence, and she would live in fear as long as Kareem was alive. So when his mansion mysteriously exploded while he was home on house arrest, Kira could not believe her luck. However, she refused to believe that he was dead. She knew it couldn't be that easy. With the help of DEA Agent Dexter Brady, who had been working with Kira and other informants to get Kareem off the streets, she came to terms with Kareem's death.

Dexter has loved Kira from the first time she came to him for help. He didn't want to love her or understand how he could love a woman that was married to a monster like Kareem. It was just something that he felt in his gut. After several months of getting herself together, Kira was starting her new life and wanted Dexter a part of that life. The question is, can Dexter love her past all the hurt and fears while showing her how strong she really is?

Deadly Desires is a great read by Ann Christopher. This novel was a page turner from beginning to end. Ann Christopher did a wonderful job with transitions from chapter to chapter. She gave you just enough so that you had to read the next chapter to find out what happened. The primary and secondary characters were also very well developed. With the exception of a minor discrepancy, this was a very well thought out and organized story.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews 

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