Thursday, July 05, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Teyawna Jones - Purple Silk

Teyawna Jones
Purple Silk
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3 out of 5 books

Layah McAllen and Leshey Baker were both born into horrible situations. Layah’ was born in jail to a crack addicted mother. Leshey’ mom left her in a garbage can at two months old so she could continue getting high. Both was raised in the foster care system, which resulted in Layah creating a tough exterior for coping and Leshey searching for meaning.

Layah was bounced from one foster care system to the next until she came upon life with Ms. Tracy. In Tracy’s house, she received exactly what she needed to become a returning citizen into family life. Unfortunately she didn’t escape the system unscathed; it’s her hustler’s mind and strong personality that is a blessing and a curse.

The blessing is how she became owner of Purple Silk gentleman’s club at age 24. But we understand karma and how this universe doesn’t forget and neither does haters. As you make your way to the top, sometimes you make enemies or develop haters who might come after you. How Layah handles what comes her way in life is shocking to the reader. As soon as she begins to make a life for herself, she becomes a guardian of a life.

Teyawna’s story of life captures the reader from the very beginning. I enjoyed how the author kept Layah true to her character as well as the growth we saw in her. Whether she can change her ways for love, the reader will find out. Whether or not she finds her happily ever after is another story.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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