Tuesday, July 03, 2012

NEW REVIEW: S.B. Redd - Warped Intentions

S. B. Redd
Warped Intentions
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2 out of 5 books

Garner Davis is the first black sports director in Columbia, South Carolina. He asks the questions that everyone really wants to know but no other reporter will ask. Garner is successful in his career but has little time for a relationship. But that does not stop his old friend, Spencer, from trying to fix him up with women.

When a fan by the name of Vernise Aikens calls Garner out the clear blue letting him know how much she enjoys his views, the two decide to meet for lunch. The two quickly hit it off. After a brief time together, Garner starts to notice some of the odd behavior that Vernise displays. When Garner tells her that they should not see each other anymore, Vernise refuses to leave him alone. She also refuses for any other woman get close to Garner. In her mind, Garner is her man and any woman that gets too near will be dealt with accordingly.

Warped Intentions by S.B. Redd is a novel that deals with trusting someone too quickly. Aside from editing issues, the back and forth between the characters became a bit repetitive. The ending of the book was too abrupt. There was no real suspense leading up to anything. With a good developmental editor, this story has the potential to be much better.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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