Saturday, July 14, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Ericka Williams - The Robbin Hood

Ericka Williams
The Robbin Hoods
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2 out of 5 books

The Robbin Hoods by Ericka Williams is a story of a young man named Chance Major who is from Brooklyn, NY. The only thing he’s into at the time is smoking a small amount of weed. His mother moves Chance and his siblings to Teaneck, New Jersey in order to escape her abusive boyfriend and to pursue a better life for her and her children. The fact that she is unable to find a job stimulates Chance to take on the job as head of the house. He starts breaking and entering and stealing, then progresses on to cocaine. After doing a brief stretch in a prison camp, his lifetime of crime continues.

With the glitz and the glam of fast money, drugs, and all the luxuries money can bring, Chance knows deep in his heart he should stop while he’s ahead, but he is drawn into the lifestyle. He continues to tell himself, just one more time. When will enough be enough? Will he be able to get out untouched, or will he wind up behind bars or possibly even worse?

The Robbin Hoods by Ericka Williams is a typical street-lit novel, meaning, the fact that a young man is swayed by his upbringing of poverty and feels like he needs to take on the role of man of the house and bring money in by any means necessary. This leads to robbing, stealing or selling drugs. The storyline itself was predictable but where the author failed was the heart and emotional ties to the characters; they just were not there. Everything was just stated. Also, sometimes the author felt a need to use a word and give the definition, which was totally unnecessary.

Reviewed by Sofie for Urban Reviews

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