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NEW REVIEW: Damon Darrell - No Escape Vol. 1: The Last Days of Diego Black

Damon Darrell
No Escape Vol. 1: The Last Days of Diego Black - 
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3 out of 5 books

Diego Black is the former muscle for an old drug cartel dubbed "The Brick Boys." He was the inforcer of all things lethal or the go to man when someone needed to be handled. With the demise of the Brick Boys after the Feds shut them down, Diego is trying his hardest to become a nine-to-five working man, regardless of how little he makes. Although the money is not like he is used to, he is determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But when the past catches up to him, he may be pulled back into his old lifestyle whether he wants to or not.

Hiram Bricker is a former Brick Boy, while his brother Quenton is serving time in a Northern State prison from when the Feds shut their crew down. Hiram was lucky enough to flee before getting caught...or was he? When someone from his past resurfaces and demands an exhorbant amount of money in a short period of time, Hiram turns to his old crew to help him get out of this debt. Both Diego and Hiram are going to have to figure out how far they are willing to go to protect the ones they love and to keep secrets dead and buried. The question is how far are they willing to go?

No Escape by Damon Darrell was an okay novel at best. It read more like a typical street-lit novel than anything. A story of drugs, revenge, betrayal, lust and sex. The timeframe was a bit confusing at times because the character Hiram was given a certain amount of time to come up with the money and it's like the author bypassed how they came up with the money so fast. There were no real details on what happened from the time he tried to assemble some of his old crew to how he came up with the money. After that, everything just kind of moved fast.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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