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NEW REVIEW : 30 Day Notice by Kai Mann

30 Day Notice
 Kai Mann
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2 out 5 books

Kori Maitland is a woman that thought she found the “one” that she would be with forever. When Layla Bradford and Kori started dating they would spend all their free time together. They could finish each others sentences and when they were in a crowded room, it always seemed like it was only just the two of them. Kori thought that Layla would never leave her, but five years into the relationship Kori felt like she was gut punched when Layla told her she was going back home to be with her family...without her.

After many sleepless night sleeping on a friends couch, Kori decides its time to move forward, so she puts her meager belongings into her car and heads to Detroit. There she stayed with a friend and had a business plan that she wanted to execute but first she would need some backing and money. So Kori took on temp assignments from the job agencies when she could. A series of events land Kori in situations where she had to rely on friends and prayer. 

30 Day Notice by Kori Mann was a difficult book to get through. Mainly because the story jumped around all over the place and parts of the story are contradicting. When reminiscing on the past there is no break in the typeset, it’s not typed in italics to let the reader know. So at times it gets confusing because the reader still thinks that he/she is reading about the present. There is no real description of the characters, conversations are not written out. It’s like the character goes out to have lunch with a friend, they talked and laughed about everything. Ok... but what did you talk about and what was so funny? The main questions that I had when I began to start reading this is in the beginning of the story she mentions she has 3 kids, but there is no mention of them to further along in the book. Eventually she tells the reader why they are not with her, from there there’s not another mention of her kids. The other question is: what caused her to lose all the things she once had. What happened from owning her own business to having her own place and nice things. This was never explained either, just that at one point she had all of this. Another thing the character seemed to be religious at times because she was always praying but yet some of the things she was doing was in contradiction to this. Like I said before the story just jumped around too much. A good developmental editor could have been used and it would have made the storyline much smoother. 

Reviewed by Leona

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