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NEW REVIEW : Animal 2: The Omen by K'wan

Animal 2 : The Omen
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4 out of 5 books

Animal 2: The Omen by K'wan picks up right where the last book left off. Animal now knows that Priest the man that kidnapped him and saved his and Gucci's life is not the enemy but his father. Animal has a hard time trusting Priest since he abandoned him at a young age and questions why all of a sudden he reappears in his life. Especially after finding out that Preist has been working for the family of Shai Clark.

Priest suggests instead of Animal going to the streets and trying to kill Shai and anyone affiliated with him that it would be a bad move on his part. Especially since the main reason he is wanting to get retribution is for the woman that is alive today. Not to mention there are more of Shai's men than there are guns. No, what Priest suggests is far more complicated, but in order to carry out his plans he advises Animal to remain still and out of sight. When all is said and done and if Priest's plan goes as expected, Animal and Gucci will be able to walk away in peace and the beef between Shai and Animal will be squashed. The question is, is will they be able to pull off whatever Priest has in mind before they all wind up dead. Like father, like son, both of these men have enemies in the streets and wanted by the police. Will Animal be able to remain incognito especially when someone else he cares about is in harms way? With so much on the line, its a race against time.

Animal 2: The Omen by K'wan was a very good read. It has all the elements of street-lit that readers of this genre love. It has violence, drugs, thug love, retribution and so much more. If you think about it though author K'wan is a seasoned writer in the game and with each book they just get better and better. The story with Animal is one that although, he is a bad guy, he is that character that his fans of K'wan have fallen in love with. The only reason I gave the novel a 4-star rating is because I was expecting more for the ending. The last book left readers with their mouth hanging open, anticipating how the story was going to play itself out after that cliffhanger. Yes, K'wan left us with a cliffhanger but not one so shocking. Other than that I would recommend this novel to those who love this genre.

Reviewed by Leona

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