Thursday, May 29, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Get It Girls by Treasure E. Blue

Get It Girls
Treasure E. Blue
3.5 out of 5 books

Jessica Jones and her three best friends: Vonda, Lynn and Tiny dubbed the "Get It Girls" have two months before they graduate. Life for these girls are filled with the promise of a bright future. The night of prom they all share a special moment that they vow to hold dear to their hearts and a secret they plan to keep from their parents. The morning after, their futures are shattered in a matter of minutes.

Doing a seven-year bid in Bedford Hills Correctional Institution, each of these girls are impacted one way or another by their experience. Although the only time that really mattered was the time they walked in and the day they walked out. Everything in the middle...didn't count. So they did what they had to, to survive. Each girl will walk out changed beyond measure. Some for the best, others for the worst.

When the girls are released, they return to Harlem, New York. They soon see how much the state of their neighborhoods have changed...for the worst. The drug crack is effecting family and friends and drug dealers are setting up shop in their buildings. The destruction of what this drug has done was too much. Jessica decides to take a stand and fight back, with her girls the "Get It Girls" having her back. Cross one of these girls, you cross them all and you better believe you will get dealt with.

Get It Girls by Treasure E. Blue is a tale of friendship, survival and having to grow up fast. Mr. Blue knows how to engross his readers into the story and root for individual characters. Although, I did think their were certain parts of the story that were a bit much. All-in-all this was a good read.

Reviewed by Leona

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