Thursday, May 29, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Passion In Disguise by Truth

Passion In Disguise
by Truth Russell
    2 out of 5 books

Seventeen-year-old Heaven has a body like that of a grown woman. Heaven comes from a two parent household and is a junior in high school who brings home a 4.0 GPA, although she does not have to study much and has a boy that is a geek doing some of her homework.

Hanging out with her girls dubbed the Diamond Diva’s, Heaven tells of her first sexual experience at the tender age of fourteen. From there how she was sexing and doing it “all” by the time she was seventeen.  Heaven was looking for love in all the wrong places. That is until she met Justice at a club and after having sex with him that first night she could not get him out of her head and he could not get her out of his. The problem is Justice is a bit older than Heaven and when charges are brought on him for being with a minor this may hinder any future dealings with Justice. Not only does Justice have to worry about his upcoming court date but also a turf war that he has against another rival drug dealer is getting out of hand and only one of these men are going to be left standing.

Passion In Disguise by Truth is your typical storyline in that of urban-fiction. Girl meets drug dealer, tries to make him her man and he is beefing in the streets over turf that makes the most profit in drug sales. But, that really has no relevance on my rating. No the problem lies within the fact that the book was not edited, the synopsis alone on the back of the book warns of this. There are so many misspelled words or missing words to complete a sentence it was distracting to the story. There is a two-week gap in the story that needed to be filled. One minute Justice is with Heaven and the next he is in jail. What happened? How did he wind up in jail? The story itself lacks critical detail or for that matter detail at all. The story is just cut and dry. There are a few scenes in the book that are totally ridiculous that will have the reader shaking their head, thinking to themselves “seriously?” Some parts are contradicting.  Oh and the fact that the author constantly references his own name as the main character’s favorite author is big headed and conceited of him.

A suggestion to the author: Invest in yourself by investing in an editor because a lot of these mistakes could have easily been avoided by using spellcheck and not only that an editor could have cleaned it up even more. Invest in a developmental editor as well. Do NOT put out a book that is NOT edited because it will turn the reader off from purchasing a future book by you. Aside from that you have a blank piece of paper –now fill it with details, descriptions of people, places and things. Everything does not need to be cut and dry. Describing your character in measurements and having bangs like Nicki Minaj is not describing what your character looks like. Hopefully you take this as constructive criticism and take it for what it worth and with the next book improve on some of the things I have mentioned.

Reviewed by Leona

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