Friday, May 13, 2022

New Review : All Her Little Secrets : Wanda M. Morris


4 out of 5 books

Ellice Littlejohn is living the good life as a successful corporate attorney in Atlanta. She has good friends and has a no-strings attached relationship with her white executive boss. Ellice’s life changes forever when she finds her boss dead with a gunshot to his head in his office. Instead of alerting the authorities, Ellice simply walks out of his office. She has some disturbing secrets in her past that she doesn’t want to come out. On top of all this, her younger brother is in trouble and Ellice is trying to help him without being in the spotlight. Ellie becomes suspicious when she is suddenly promoted to replace her old boss because she is the only black attorney in the company. There is something sinister going on at this company and Ellice needs to get to the bottom of this before it’s too late.

All Her Little Secrets starts out with a literal bang with the murder of Ellice’s boss. Wanda M. Morris pulls readers in from the first few pages of this book. Morris does an excellent job of executing this multi-layered story. There’s murder, shady dealings, racial conspiracies, which makes this not your typical whodunit. Readers will also question Ellice’s actions throughout this book. All Her Little Secrets is an enjoyable debut novel by Wanda M. Morris.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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