Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New Review : The Romantic Agenda : Claire Kann


3 out of 5 books

Joy and Malcolm have been best friends since college and currently he is her boss.  They both identify as asexual with Joy deciding not to engage in relationships and Malcolm actively dating.  The emotion in their relationship runs so deep, it appears as though they are in love to outsiders so much, so that Malcolm’s fiancé left him because of Joy.  Joy feels she is deeply in love with Malcolm and each time she expresses it, he responds the way she wants but his actions don't reciprocate the same. When he asks her to clear her calendar for a weekend getaway, she’s excited, hoping this will be time spent to develop their romantic relationship.  She is only disappointed when she finds this is a trip to impress and get to know his new girlfriend, Summer who requested Joy come along so that she can get to know her. 
Summer knows all about Joy, but Joy is at a disadvantage because Malcolm never let on that she even existed much less that he has a new romantic interest. Summer also asks her friend Fox, who she use to date to accompany them to keep Joy company.  Neither Joy nor Fox think that Malcolm and Summer belong together, and that Malcolm is quelling his feelings for Joy.  They make a pact to “pretend” to be interested in each other to get a reaction from Malcolm, but what they discover is that make believe sometimes become reality. 
THE ROMANTIC AGENDA is a cute and unique romance.  I like the chemistry and banter between Joy and Fox. The revelations that Joy learn about herself and her ability to love is a pleasure to see.  I enjoyed this one. 

Reviewed by Paula Allen

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