Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nia Stephens - Boy Shopping

Nia Stephens
Like This And Like That
May 29, 2007

With the help of Boy Shopping, Gemma is making a new play for Mr. Right!
Gemma is beautiful, black, and eternally single. If only she were as big a hit with the boys as she is on the basketball court. With so many fouls in the romance department, she’s racked up way more Mr. Wrongs than she can count. But now she’s decided to go on the offense and give online dating a try—and it’s up to you (the reader!) to play matchmaker and pick Gemma’s slam dunk…
Drew isn’t really a hottie, yet he’s way nicer than the duds Gemma usually falls for. Dan’s an artist, who may be too smart for his own good, and the story he’s included with his profile melts Gemma’s heart (plus he’s gorgeous!). Ethan is a basketball player—a no-no in Gemma’s book—but she’ll soon discover that he isn’t your typical jock. And Christopher is a super-cute, super-clever surfer who hooked Gemma from the start. Is he just another jerk?
With all this heart-stopping action off the court, Gemma will never be stuck on the dating bench again…

More fun than watching the playoffs, Like This and Like That is the second interactive novel in The Boy Shopping series that lets the reader choose who goes out on a date!


Like This and Like That is her second novel in the Boy Shopping series.

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