Friday, May 11, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nicolette - Paper Doll

Paper Doll
May 22, 2007

As a young girl Karen Whitaker dreamed of becoming rich and famous, promising to buy her mother that huge house on the hill with a Rolls Royce parked in the driveway. Her desire for material things turns into a grown woman's obsession with money, power and sex. Now of age, Karen possesses the brains of a scholar, beauty of a diamond, and a body that a Coca-Cola bottle would envy. She knows how to get what she wants even if it means taking advantage of those who trust her most. Greed and passion for tantalizing sex throttles her into compromising situations that may destroy her career and crumble her picture perfect relationship with a multi-millionaire. Take a journey into her intriguing story as demons from her past strike to unravel her fairytale life thread by thread. In the end, will she escape her dark clouds or be exposed as one money-hungry, conniving vixen?

"Author Nicolette has woven a clever web of jaw dropping twists, shocking turns and steamy sex in her debut novel "Paper Doll" -- Anna J - Best Selling Author of The Aftermath & Get Money Chicks

"Paper Doll is a sexy, sassy street tale full of Philly flair and is destined to be a bestseller" --Brenda L. Thomas - Best Selling Author of Every Woman's Got A Secret & Threesome

"Paper Doll has been highly anticipated and I see why. Hot cover, sexy characters and over the top drama. What more can a reader ask for?" --Danielle Santiago - Best Selling Author of Grindin' & Little Ghetto Girl


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