Monday, May 21, 2007

The Forthcoming: Wanda Y. Thomas - A Request For Closer

Wanda Y. Thomas
A Request For Closure
Available May 2007

Twenty years ago…
Jazmin Reed was a brassy sharp-tongued beauty that landed in Colorado Springs after a freak accident
ruined her modeling career in New York. Bored and depressed, Jazmin want s to go back home until the
night she meets Vincent 'Brick' Marks, a first round draft choice for the Denver Nuggets, and a man so in love
with Jazmin, he proposes the second night. All Brick wants is for Jazmin to be his wife, a decision that
becomes even more complicated for her after Jazmin receives an offer to resume her modeling career.

Arianna Jackson was a gorgeous, but naive, party girl who grew up in a two-parent household where
violence reigned king. Though men pursue her relentless, Arianna had no interest in love or the ties that
bind. Her only goal is to experience all of the fun her bible-thumping mother denied her growing up, which
she does until the night she meets Milton 'Jace' Barnes, a man who makes it his mission to capture her heart.
Jace is a New Yorker and far more sophisticated than any man Arianna has ever met. He is also married and
a father, information he keeps hidden from Arianna until the night she runs into his wife, which places
Arianna in the middle of a moral crisis and a battle between the teachings of her religious upbringing and the
desires of her heart.

Self-absorbed Paige Michaels was a beautiful, divorced mother whose main goal was to get another husband
and a father for her four year old daughter. Paige craves the security of marriage and bounces from bed to
bed searching for love in all the wrong places. Looking too hard, she almost misses Jermaine 'Lewis' Jacobs,
a handsome army soldier who soon moves in with Paige and readily steps into the role of Jessie’s father. For
Paige something in the relationship is missing and she continues her nighttime wanderings into the beds of
strangers until she meets Raymond Steward, an architect, and the perfect romantic partner for her. Knowing
that she can’t have both, but unable to make a decision about which man she wants, Paige finds herself
walking on the edge as she struggles to balance her time between the two men.

Arianna, Jazmin, and Paige have made a success of their lives—professionally. However, memories of past
love still haunt the relationships they share today. Now, the men they left behind are back and the women
find themselves again standing at a crossroads where the decisions they make will determine their futures.

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