Monday, May 07, 2007

The Forthcoming: Pamela Ridley - Lies Too Long

Pamela Ridley
Lies Too Long

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Insecurity leads Laurel into the arm's of her friend's man. Facing the consequences leaves Laurel fighting for her life.

Laurel Novak is infatuated with former basketball star Dennis Butler. Dennis seems to prefer the light skinned and long haired packaging of Laurel's newfound friend, Emma Yates. A man used to options, Dennis doesn't mind straying and Laurel can't resist his charm or her longing. She becomes pregnant by Dennis and, against his wishes, intends to have their twins.

When Laurel's business associate is killed and someone takes a shot at Laurel, her intuition says Dennis is behind it. Laurel plans to confess the affair to Emma, but before she can, Emma is badly injured in a fire Laurel feels responsible for. While Emma recovers in the hospital, Laurel confronts Dennis, who denies knowledge of the murder attempt, but resorts to physical harm and blackmail to persuede her to abort.

In the midst of this chaos, Laurel falls under the spell of a Christian cop who, while attracted to her, is bewildered by her behavior. Together, they discover the repercussions of lies allowed to languish too long.


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