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NEW REVIEW: Allison Hobbs - The Sorceress: A Novel

The Sorceress: A Novel (Zane Presents)Allison Hobbs -
The Sorceress: A Novel -
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Allison Hobbs is back with the exciting follow-up to The Enchantress. After being banished to the Dark Realm, a place that seems worse than hell, Eris “the Goddess of Destruction” is trying to find her ticket out. She is hell-bent on exacting revenge on those that have wronged her. The first thing Eris is determined to do is get back her precious jewels. She tries using trickery and deception on her sister, Tara “the Goddess of Compassion” with the hopes that Tara can talk to the council to free her from her confines. Xavier a.k.a. Ethan is only able to do so much since he is in the form of a human child.

Meanwhile on the other side, Ethan is a peculiar child. Seemingly autistic and a weird constant wheezing makes for a creepy child. Day in and day out, Ethan sits at his computer looking at bridges. Angry that he is stuck in the body of a child, Xavier is determined to find a way to free Eris from the Dark Realm, only for his own selfish reasons…to get revenge on his parents for past deeds done wrong in another life.

Then you have Jen, the live-in nanny. Jen is terrified of little Ethan and cannot understand why his parents don’t see how strange he really is. Then again, maybe they do since neither one of them seem to stay home much. Jen wishes daily that she was able to quit her job. Unfortunately, she needs it more than she cares to admit. When she sees the “ghost lady” on the bridge, she knows that somehow she is connected to Ethan and his bridges.

The Sorceress by Allison Hobbs is a tale of the paranormal, laced with freaky sex scenes. This is a good vs. evil type of tale, one where you will wonder who will be the victor. Although it has been a few years since The Enchantress was released, Ms. Hobbs does an excellent job in bringing you back into the fold of the story and where it left off. The Sorceress was a page turner to say the least!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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KdSkyy said...

This book was Out Of Control. Interesting read though.

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