Sunday, January 31, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Shay Nolon - Everything You Owe Me

Everything You Owe MeEverything You Owe Me -
by Shay Nolon -
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3.5 out of 5 books -

Everything You Owe Me by Shay Nolon is a story of two cousins, Dannay and Tosha, whom are the best of friends. Dannay is happily married to David, a loving and devoted husband, and is blessed with a great career. Dannay and David eagerly anticipate the arrival of their first born child. Unfortunately, this picture perfect marriage is not how it seems. Dannay is worried sick about her cousin Tosha. She is so caught up in Tosha's problems that she fails to see that something is wrong within her own marriage.

Tosha has been married to Devon for three years. After suffering a miscarriage, their marriage seems to be in turmoil. Devon starts keeping late hours at the office (or so he claims) and picking fights with Tosha to get out the house and stay gone. Tosha feels deep in her heart that Devon may be cheating. Although she is hurt, she is determined to hold on to her marriage and feels that as long as they are together, they can work through anything. Little does she realize that Devon has been living a double life, and the truth may very well tear her apart.

Everything You Owe Me by Shay Nolon is a story of heartbreak, love, lies, betrayal and murder. Ms. Nolan does a great job in conveying emotional ties between each character and had a great story and plot. Aside from some minor editing issues, I only had a problem with a key point in the story. Without giving a spoiler, I just felt that in this day and age, it was not plausible for this thing to happen or if it could have, Ms. Nolon could have really explained away any doubts. I feel with a little more detail with this matter, Everything You Owe Me could have easily been a 5 star novel. I look forward to reading more by this new author. Ms. Nolon is definitely an author to keep your eye on.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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