Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Gwynne Forster - A Change Had To Come

A Change Had To Come
Gwynne Forster -
A Change Had to Come -
Available Now! -
3 out of 5 books -

Food editor Leticia Langley has a new lease on life now that she landed a great job. Once she gives herself a makeover, including some luscious long locks, she has the courage to take on any assignment. Leticia plans to attend her estranged family reunion in New Orleans and take on her colleague/nemesis Max Baldwin. But when she finds her hate turn to admiration turn to passion, will she have the courage to take a chance on loving Max?

A Change Had to Come has a great premise, but doesn't deliver. Leticia's story begins in an awkward place filled with flashbacks and back story intertwined into the plot. If Forster would have allowed the reader the chance to understand Leticia on their own, then she would be a more likeable character. However, her snooty attitude that comes along with the makeover makes her hard to relate to for a good portion
of the novel’s beginning.

Overall the story had great potential to be a lovely romance, but the execution just wasn't there. It was nice to see the world of food insiders and food reporting. Leticia's job was fresh and interesting. Readers will have fun with her and Max’s antics.

Reviewed by Dee Stewart for Urban Reviews

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