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NEW REVIEW: J. Lynn - Life's not a Beach

Life's not a Beach
J. Lynn -
Life's not a Beach -
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3.5 out of 5 books -

While there's many people looking for sex and love, there's quite a few who get it and have no idea what to do with it. The other half of us are sometimes standing by dreaming of what we would do if we had it. Life's not a Beach explores the lives of several adults; some who get what they want, and others who have to take theirs and then some. The main characters in this book can be considered the "Human Web" or Six Degrees of "Separation" because there are only one or two people separating them.

Sasha is dating Derrick, Derrick is sleeping with Sasha's girl Ursula, who's dating Levar. But after LeVar exhibits "mad cow disease," Ursula breaks up with him and starts sleeping with Trey. Trey is Savon's boy who just happens to be dating Sasha after she tells Derrick to walk.

Derrick kicks Ursula to the bottom of his booty call list, and Ursula tries to "come on" to Savon. In the midst of all this drama and sexual tension, the reader is introduced to a back drop story which adds a new element of drama to the lives of Sasha and Savon, interlocking them even deeper.

This book is a severe look at relationships and the drama we bring into them. It looks at human desires and how not in control of our emotions and sexual drive we really are. Life's not a Beach proves to the reader that life isn't perfect while we journey for love.

I thought J. Lynn did a good job at writing a story about the relationships of friends, rivals and haters. Some experiences of the characters are told from each character's experience, and at times, the repetition was a bit much. Neither that nor the small print is enough to leave this book sitting on the shelf.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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