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NEW REVIEW: Erick S. Gray, De'nesha Diamond, Nichelle Walker - Heartbreaker

HeartbreakerErick S. Gray, De'nesha Diamond, Nichelle Walker -
Heartbreaker (Anthology) -
Available January 26, 2010! -

5 out of 5 books -

De'nesha Diamond presents the divine Delvon Jackson that is a pure bred lover man! Thriving off of challenges, he becomes mesmerized with the beautiful, wealthy, and inaccessible Sabrina Walker. The only thing he has to offer Sabrina is great sex and his unconditional love. But is that really enough? What is he willing to do to have her for his very own? Is she all that he thinks she is, or is his gullible nature allowing him to be reeled into a web of deceit?

Erick S. Gray introduces man-eater Cha who shows no mercy as she devours men's hearts and their money for her private pleasures. She does not discriminate as she spreads her love with one exception…no attachments, just hard core sex and of course cash or credit card, please. Cha happens upon someone from her past that turned her heart into stone and revenge has never been so sweet. Will she be able to fulfill this final fantasy? Is she who she presents herself to be? What other secrets does she harbor? Will the finale be mastered by her cunning female wiles or her true gangsta mentality?

Nichelle Walker provides us with Kandy, an aggressive diva that has lived on both sides of the coin and is determined that she's going to remain on the "heads up" side. She originates The Kandy Girlz, a crew of beautiful, wanton women that are willing to satisfy sexual fantasies of the rich and famous for a price. Kandy learns the game early when she loses her parents, their money and their security to one of life's cruelest blows. She finds stability in the use of her body to manipulate men and outwits them 90 to nothing. Will Kandy continue to reap the benefits without recourse? Or will she fall victim to the game that she thought she had mastered?

Heartbreaker is penned by three amazing authors that have contributed to one of the best anthologies that I have read in a very long time. The three stories exemplified their natural skills as they enthrall the reader with captivating characters that stay true to form! Each story reeks of intrigue, hot sex scenes, excellent word play, and great character development. Each conclusion is unique, although De'nesha and Erick's are poetically justified! Kudos to all three contributors! Magnificente!!!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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