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NEW REVIEW: Mikal H. El-Amin - 187 Iz An Art

187 Iz An Art
Mikal H. El-Amin -
187 Iz An Art -

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Being a teenager is hard for any adolescent, but living in the projects with little or no supervision is a totally different situation. Kamikaze and Killa were cousins who grew up together and had that hustler mentality. They did what they needed to do for clothes, shoes, jewelry and food. The cousins were small time dealers who were up on a come up.

Growing up in the projects was no walk in the park. In order to survive, you had to be two steps ahead, and Killa and Kamikaze grew up fast and quick. Seeing up-and-coming drug dealers, the cousins decided to start a crew called 187 Cru, and their worlds are forever changed.

The newly founded crew consisted of close friends Paula, Tiffany, and Neecee from the projects. With the "take and conquer" mentality, robbery, murder, dishonesty, and lies are things that the crew become accustomed to. Everything around them changes, but are the girls willing and able to hang on for the ride?

With fame and fortune comes problems, and when a situation goes wrong, Kamikaze ends up in prison. They go the extra mile to do what is needed to free Kamikaze, including countless illegal manuevers. When Kamikaze comes home, the crew has already begun a deadly war with a rival crew of brothers. Blood shed, indictments, and numerous deaths lead to re-evaluating the life the cousins have chosen to live. What choices will the crew ultimately make, and will it be too late for some or all of the crew?

187 Iz An Art by Mikal H. El-Amin was a very interesting tale. The path that the cousins chose to live lead to some very severe consequences and repercussions. Fast money is not always easy and good money. This book is a good book for young men and others who have this skewed image of a hustler's life. Some points within the story were hard to follow, but 187 Iz An Art provided a vivid image into the lives of Kamikaze and Killa.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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