Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Tracy Brown - Snapped: A Novel

Snapped: A NovelTracy Brown -
Snapped -
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Camille, Misa, Dominique, and Latoya are four friends with plenty of problems. Camille is married to Frankie Bingham, who is a part of the Noble crime syndicate. Camille has all of the material things she could want and doesn’t have to lift a finger. But she may be in danger of losing her husband Frankie to his co-worker and friend Gillian. Camille’s sister Misa is looking for a man to give her the same wealth that her sister has. Misa thinks she’s found all that she’s looking for in Baron, but what does she really know about him? Dominique has a wonderful career and a loving daughter. But Dominique is so caught up in running back and forth to see her incarcerated boyfriend that she’s neglecting her home. Latoya is the most outspoken of the four friends. She seems to have it all together until life throws her an unexpected curveball.

Tracy Brown delivers once again with Snapped. This novel is full of non-stop drama and unusual circumstances. Brown does a good job of setting the tone of this story by providing readers with a sneak peak at the conclusion in the beginning of the book. While reading this story, you’ll wonder which character will be the one that “snaps.” Although these women had different lifestyles, they each had the same issue in terms of not paying attention to the important elements of their lives. This story had a host of good characters. But the cluelessness of Camille about her situation with her husband was downright infuriating. It will make you wish that she would just wake up. Brown did provide an excellent cliffhanger ending that will definitely lead to a hopefully satisfying sequel. Snapped is definitely a vivid page-turner by Tracy Brown.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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