Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Zane - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the HeartTotal Eclipse of the Heart -
Zane -
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Brooke Alexander is a waitress that is plagued by some personal issues in regards to her weight and her overall outlook on life. Brooke is madly in love with a successful attorney named Patrick Sterling. From the outside looking in, Patrick is every woman’s dream. But Patrick can’t help his erratic and mean behavior towards Brooke. Will Brooke continue to put up with Patrick or will she finally throw in the towel?

Damon Johnson has a six-figure corporate job and had been married to Carleigh for four years. But not all of those years have been happy, especially since Carleigh treats Damon like a trophy husband. Damon is trying to get his internet business off the ground, and his wife is anything but supportive. But when Damon and Brooke find themselves linked by a horrible tragedy, they will both have to do some self-evaluation of their own lives.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is not your typical erotica novel by Zane. This book is truly unlike anything that Zane has ever written. The storyline was more of an emotional love story with just a little spice thrown in. What was interesting about this book was the overall message of how people should not take their significant others for granted in relationships. The characters were well-developed and relatable. Readers may find themselves wondering what they would do in the situations that these characters find themselves in. The only thing that would have put this story over the edge would have been the inclusion of more of Zane’s signature eroticism. Towards the end of the book, there is a shocking twist that will make you question what you read in the entire novel. Total Eclipse of the Heart was a thought-provoking yet entertaining read.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

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