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NEW REVIEW: Tiffany L. Warren - In the Midst of it All

In the Midst of It AllTiffany L. Warren -
In the Midst of it All -
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Alexander Hamilton and Malcolm X are quoted for saying “Those Who Stand for Nothing, Fall for Anything.” That almost describes Zenovia except she did have a relationship with God and she knew the bible for herself. So when Charlotte and her daughter Alyssa from Brethren of the Sacrifice knocked on her door claiming to have “good news,” why did Zenovia ignore her gift and decide to join along with her mother? Was it because of her mom, or the excitement of being back in church?

In search of good news, Audrey’s excited about joining a new church. Zenovia has missed the choir and the preaching at their church First Gethsemane; however, what they find at Brethren of the Sacrifice Devotion Center leaves Audrey mentally unstable and Zenovia with unanswered questions and a broken spirit.

I enjoyed the cast of characters, their story, and how they were redeemed. We see Zenovia’s mother Audrey, though straddled with schizophrenia, eager to find a husband and a church. What I absolutely loved about this character was that side of her which had me laughing out loud throughout the book. As quick as she would crack a joke, she would cut you smooth if you crossed her.

We met Zenovia at age seventeen, mentally older than her years, waiting for that next thing, whatever that was and looked like. I would assume that it’s because she’s cared for her mom for as long as she can remember. With no friends or a boy to call her own, Zenovia’s grace is longer than her suffering.

Tiffany Warren opens the doors on religious rhetoric and issues in the church that don’t line up with what the bible says. I believe this is the perfect time for Christian authors to shed light on non-biblical doctrine being taught and preached in the church. In the Midst of It All could help the readers answer or feel empowered enough to challenge their church belief system, ask questions or seek the bible for answers. The title of this book was befitting of the challenges represented. In the midst of all that’s going on and all that’s being said to you, keep your focus on the Lord because His love will always be there.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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