Saturday, February 13, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Richard Jeanty - The Bedroom Bandit

The Bedroom Bandit
Richard Jeanty -
The Bedroom Bandit -
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What do you do when you are sexually frustrated, neglected, lied and cheated on? This describes the ladies of Bingham Lane, deprived from attention they desire and need. These wealthy women derive a plan that is too hard to pass up for the "Bedroom Bandit."

David a.k.a. Junior knew early on that he was different from most young men his age. With grooming from his uncle, Junior learned the ins and outs of a woman. Junior excelled in academics and received a full academic scholarship to Brown University. But that's just one of the images that Junior's possesses. Junior’s sexual appetite is unique, and he learned from the older woman...who's also his neighbor.
When a situation goes wrong, Junior has to leave school and must re-evaluate his life options. Will Junior succumb to his sexual desires and embark in a profession as "The Bedroom Bandit" that is both satisfying and well paying at the same time?

The Bedroom Bandit takes you to a place where you definitely want to go. Junior had the world in his hands, in every since of the word. Junior has a lot or pressure to be the best. But he eventually realizes that he has to live for himself and stop trying to make everyone happy.  I think Junior understood this, and realized that life is not promised to anyone. But just like the old saying goes, "everything that glitters isn’t gold." Junior soon learns that every choice has a consequence and repercussion. Will Junior be able to handle everything that comes his way?

The Bedroom Bandit by Richard Jeanty had me on the edge of my seat. The novel definitely proved the point that everything that is good to you isn’t necessarily good for you. Mr. Jeanty provides the reader a juicy storyline full of affairs, money, extravagant taste, and murder. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every page in The Bedroom Bandit from the beginning to end.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews
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