Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NEW REVIEW: LaShanda Michelle - Sweeter Than The Honey

Sweeter Than The HoneyLaShanda Michelle -
Sweeter Than The Honey -
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Kamilah Wright is entering her senior year in high school. But instead of enjoying the joys of her upcoming senior year, she’s forced to raise her seven siblings while her mother works. It doesn’t help that Kamilah's philandering father comes and goes as he pleases. She’s also dealing with being a rape victim, and she hasn’t told anyone but her best friend Eric. With all of this going on, Kamilah is trying to get an academic scholarship so that she can go to college and start a new life. But her world is turned upside down when she meets a new girl at school name Summer Freeman. Summer soon introduces her into a whole new world which includes a same-sex relationship. Kamilah is struggling with her love for Summer and her Christian upbringing. What will Kamilah ultimately do?

Sweeter Than the Honey is a thought-provoking tale by LaShanda Michelle. Michelle did a good job of creating some multi-dimensional characters. You feel Kamilah’s pain as she’s running a household and going to school. You also feel her uncertainty as she becomes closer to Summer. Michelle does a good job of illustrating how Kamilah is conflicted about her love for Summer and her own Christian values. But there’s no real evidence of Kamilah’s Christian upbringing displayed in this book. There are maybe one or two church related scenes, but that’s it. The whole Christian values angle doesn’t really hold true to this particular storyline. The relationship between Summer and Kamilah also seems a little rushed. Sweeter Than the Honey is still a decent coming-of-age story by LaShanda Michelle.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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