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INSIDE OUT with Jennifer Coissiere - Author of Crossing Over


with Jennifer Coissiere -

Author of Crossing Over -

Jennifer Coissiere is creatively driven in everything she does. She began writing poetry many years ago as a pre-teen, in an attempt to get away from her unhappy home life.

Currently, she is a full-time student, mother of three, wife to one, sister to two, and daughter. The stories she write are not necessarily a reflection of her life, but you can find a piece of her in each character she develops.

Urban Reviews:  Tell our readers about Crossing Over.
Jennifer Coissiere:  Well, Crossing Over is about Rachelle Martin, who lost her mother when she was 15 years old. Over the years she never really gets over the lost and becomes very protective of her twin brother, Raheem, and her father, Dwight. Rachelle dislikes change. However, when her father asks her for the ultimate Christmas present, she finds herself transforming while overcoming grief.

Urban Reviews:  Where did the inspiration for this novel come from?
Jennifer Coissiere: The inspiration for Crossing Over came from a couple of things. My best friend lost her mother when she was nine; even though, she is in her 40s, she still grieves her mother daily. My other reason is because I have a severe fear of death. I know it will happen one day to everyone, but I am still fearful of it occurring. And one other inspiration is my fascination with twins. I love seeing them and even have a few sets in my family. The personalities and the way they interact with each other and assess/deal with the same situation intrigues me.

Urban Reviews:  Have you always wanted to become a writer?
Jennifer Coissiere:  I have always written for as far back as I can remember. I started out writing really dark poems when I was in junior high school. I wanted to share my poetry, but I never really thought that I would merge into writing stories.

Urban Reviews:  Having a reviewer background, did you test your book out with anyone before release?
Jennifer Coissiere:  I had four test readers. I provided a form that I wanted them to fill out to give me the feedback I needed to make sure my story was well-rounded and realistic. I chose people with different demographics, because I did not want to limit the number of people I could reach. Their feedback coupled with my editor's changes/corrections enabled me to produce something I was happy with.
Crossing Over 
Urban Reviews:  What are your ultimate goals as far as the literary industry?
Jennifer Coissiere:  I want to continue to reach every walk of life with the messages I believe God has placed in my heart. I want to reach out to other authors and show them we can support each other in this business. There is no need to be cutthroat or ugly to each other to get ahead. Each one, teach one, reach one; and we all are blessed.

Urban Reviews:  Is there anyone who encouraged or inspired you to take a chance at writing?
Jennifer Coissiere:  Back in junior high school, my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Doyle, took the time to encourage me. He read my entire poetry notebook and gave me feedback. He also encourage me to enter my first poetry contest, where I was a semi-finalist winner. And my mother is one of, if not my biggest fan. She keeps on me about the stories I write. She will ask and ask until I finally give her what she wants so she can give me a break. I appreciate both my teacher and mother for seeing the gift that took me awhile to see for myself.

Urban Reviews:  Are there any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?
Jennifer Coissiere:  Yes. I'm working on the sequel to Crossing Over titled Beyond New Beginnings. I'm also working on a several other stories titled Ribbons Pinned, Hiding Under the Umbrella, and editing Feelings Redirected.

Urban Reviews:  What do you like to do when you aren't writing?
Jennifer Coissiere:  I loved being with my family. They are my heart. Aside from that, I make beaded jewelry. I relieve a lot of stress while making my jewelry. Let's not forget my love for reading and reviewing books.

Urban Reviews:  What things do you think every author should do to promote their book?
Jennifer Coissiere:  For me, I'm an introvert. In order for me to promote my book, I had to step outside my comfort zone. As authors, we have to go outside the box to make sure everyone knows about our books. We have to be willing to spend some money in order to make some money. Most importantly, we need to ask questions and do research when we do not know something.

Urban Reviews:  Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your novel?
Jennifer Coissiere:  I have a lot of stories in my head. I hope I can produce a better story each and every time I have a new release. I am constantly learning and will never claim to know it all.


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Jennifer C. said...

Radiah, thank you for all that you do in the literary world. We, authors, appreciate your dedication.

Shelia said...

(not sure if my first message went through, so sorry if this is a duplicate). Good interview Jennifer. I like the idea for test readers. I try to use one for each book when time permits. I will have to add a checklist the next go around :)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Very Nice Jennifer am very proud of you~

Niambi Brown Davis said...

CVery nice interview, Jennifer. Congratulations on publishing Crossing Over. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy and I wish you continued success.

Dera Williams said...

Great interview. Good marketing tool. Great discusssion book.

Poetic Genesis said...

Great interview! YGG!


Threadinalong said...

You made me proud.
Excellent interview

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