Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Earl Sewell - Cougars

Cougars (Zane Presents)Earl Sewell -
Cougars -
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Jasmine Sallie is a beautiful chemist who loves younger men. She is also a director of a pharmaceutical research team that is trying to create a female sexual enhancement drug. Things get a little steamy at the office when a young chemist name Travis Adams joins the research team. Travis and Jasmine begin a spicy affair that could lead to disastrous results. They soon develop a drug that’s so dangerous that it gets shelved. But Travis isn’t willing to give up so easily. He makes a stronger and more potent formula that has deadly consequences. Soon things spiral out of control and Travis and Jasmine’s lives are changed forever.

Cougars is a sexy page-turner by Earl Sewell. This story is much more than your average May-December relationship drama. The character development is one of the things that made this novel stand out. Jasmine and Travis being chemists on a pharmaceutical research team brought a very unique twist to this book. Sewell did an excellent job with providing enough information in regards to their careers without losing the reader. This book wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of sex and a shocking turn of events that will definitely keep your attention. Earl Sewell provided the perfect mix of sex, mystery, and murder with Cougars.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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