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NEW REVIEW: Terrance Dean, James Earl Hardy, Stanley Bennett Clay - Visible Lives

Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute To E. Lynn HarrisTerrance Dean, James Earl Hardy, Stanley Bennett Clay -
Visible Lives -
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Visible Lives is a collection of short stories by authors Terrance Dean, James Early Hardy and Stanley Bennett Clay, and all of which were written as a tribute to the late E. Lynn Harris. At the beginning of each story, the author’s took the time out to reflect on a memory of either how E. Lynn Harris impacted them into being a writer or some sort of memory of him.

The first story, The Intern by Terrance Dean, was my favorite out of the three. It was the story of a man named Chase who's in his late 30’s and is the Vice President of Production for GBS Television. Chase seems to have it all, that is, except a partner to share his life with. Tired and fed up with the lies some of the men in his past have put him through, he just about gave up on love. But then a new young intern shows up. No matter how hard Chase tries, he can not deny the attraction. But Chase is caught up in the age difference between him and the intern. Will he decide to give love a chance? The second story, Is It Still Jood To Ya? by James Earl Hardy, is a story about a man that is still in love with his ex. He has agreed to drop his ex-boyfriend off at the airport, to go see another man. He tries to figure out how to tell him that he is still in love with him before he leaves. Fortunately, circumstances throw the two together and from there, it tells how they became the power couple that everyone looked up to. The third story, House of John by Stanley Bennett Clay, is a story about a man that goes on vacation after finding his lover in a compromising position and finds love in the most unlikeliest of places.

Visible Lives each tells its own story of love. I especially liked how each author told their own real life story on how they came to know E. Lynn Harris and what a wonderful person he was. It gave the reader a glimpse into the character of how E. Lynn Harris was perceived by other people and fellow authors, and how he paved the way for these authors in this genre. Although E. Lynn Harris will be missed, he will never be forgotten. He was an original that no one can come close to. Visible Lives was a touching tribute to him.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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