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NEW REVIEW: Wahida Clark, et al. - What's Really Hood!

What's Really Hood!: A Collection of Tales from the StreetsWahida Clark, et. al. -
What's Really Hood! -
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What's Really Hood, edited by Wahida Clark, is a collection of tales from the streets written by authors Wahida Clark, Victor L. Martin, Bonta, Shawn “Jihad” Trump and LaShonda Teague.

Black Is Blue by Victor L. Martin is about Raleigh, NC legal assistant Desiree who just so happens to lust over one of her clients, not really knowing that he is deeper in the game than she could of ever imagined. By the time she realizes this, it may be too late to walk away with her life. In The "P" Is Free by LaShonda Teague, 18-year-old Wiz is making money hand over fist selling drugs. Then he meets Crystal, who already completing two years of college and had it together. When she was introduced to crack, everything went downhill. Wiz could not understand why Crystal seemed to love crack more than him, so he decided to figure it out for himself, leaving them both strung out. Crystal realizes how the drugs have destroyed both of them, so she's determined to get the help she so desperately needs to get right for her and Wiz. Will she succeed? The Last Laugh by Bonta is about a woman that is sick and tired of being cheated on and abused and how she gets back at her gang-banging boyfriend. All For Nothing by Shawn “Jihad” Trump is a story about a crew called the Point Blank Mob. When they are told that one of the members was an informant for the police, the whole crew is determined to get even. Things quickly go awry, forcing two of the members on the run for their lives. Makin' Endz Meet by Wahida Clark is a story about Nina, a woman who is sick and tired of her boyfriend Cream and the disrespect he shows toward her. Her house is broken into, and her money is stolen. On top of all that, her brother has betrayed her, and her kids come up missing.

What's Reallly Hood!, edited by Wahida Clark, was very disappointing to say the least. In Makin' Endz Meet by Wahida Clark, parts of her story read like another book I have read, and then it seemed as if she just forgot to end it. It was like she was in the middle of something and just stopped. The Last Laugh by Bonta was difficult to follow since it had too many characters, and the story was all over the place. Black Is Blue by Victor L. Martin and All For Nothing by Jihad was disappointing only because I was expecting more from them since I have read their books and know how talented they are. The only story I would like to see as a full story would be The “P” Is Free by LaShonda Teague. If you insist on reading What's Reallly Hood!, I would recommend you borrow it or get it from the library.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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