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NEW REVIEW: Bettye Griffin - Trouble Down The Road

Trouble Down The RoadBettye Griffin -
Trouble Down The Road -
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Ever heard of the statement, "Keeping Up with the Joneses?" Well, meet Suzanne and Brad Betancourt. Brad is a successful radiologist, and there's no limit as to how much money Suzanne has access too. They have been married 16 years and have two beautiful children. The only hitch in their marriage is Suzanne's meddling family who thinks they have a free ride. Finally, Brad gives Suzanne the ultimatum that it's either him or her family. When a beautiful young neighbor (Micheline) moves in their neighborhood, Suzanne comes to the reality that she needs to make a decision and fast about if she wants to make her marriage work. Trying to salvage her marriage and distance herself from her family, Suzanne decides to go into business with a friend. With her hectic schedule, she is completely alienating her husband and kids. Soon Brad starts to distant himself from his wife and right into the arms of Micheline. With her marriage and family on the line, what will she choose?

Trouble Down the Road starts off with the drama right away. It's one of those books where you have to know what happens at the end. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because even though the books are fiction, Bettye Griffin touches on a lot of real life issues. She develops each of the characters so thoroughly that the reader will most likely identify with one or more of the characters. The storyline of the book was not overdone and each character and their stories blend in so well. I highly recommend Trouble Down The Road.
Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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Unknown said...

Thanks for this review I have this one on my shelf and TRL wow does it seem the list continues to grow...

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