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NEW REVIEW: Pat Simmons - Still Guilty

Still Guilty (Urban Christian)Pat Simmons -
Still Guilty -
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Parke & Cheney Jamieson thought they had put their past behind them and could move forward, but that is not the case. Cheney needs Parke more than ever since she lost the baby, and his mind is completely somewhere else. Parke is too busy looking for the son that he fathered a long-time ago. Once the search comes to an end, there's still the trials that are going on for Grandma BB & Roland Reynolds. Cheney's strong faith in the Lord has gotten her through so much, but now she's not so sure with everything that's going on with her loved ones.

Cheney's twin brother Rainey is still upset that she had an abortion. He also learns that one of his ex-girlfriends had done the same thing. He feels that someone is going to feel the pain that he is feeling. It's not until Rainey meets someone that he could truly see himself with, but in order to move forward, he has to seek forgiveness for the past.

Author Pat Simmons continues the journey of telling how God's mercy can help you face anything that comes in front of you. In the third installment of the Guilty Series, Ms Simmons continues the story of Cheney and Parke Jamieson and how you think that the past is dead and gone, but in fact it's alive and well. I especially enjoyed this book because she gives you such a vivid and detailed story that it's okay if you have not read the other books in the series. What I love about the author is how she makes the characters so believable, and you just want to pray for them. I would recommend Still Guilty even if you have not read Guilty of Love and Not Guilty of Love.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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