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NEW REVIEW: Terry L. Wroten - Natural Born Killaz

Natural Born KillazTerry L. Wroten -
Natural Born Killaz -
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John Wilson and Kevin Goodman live in South Central and attend Carver Junior High School, which is the only predominantly Black school left in Los Angeles. Gangbanging is the game of choice in their hood, which is what they both see with older siblings as well as other family members. The gang members ARE family and they all pledge their lives and unconditional love to their set...the infamous Crips, the almighty color of blue. John’s mother preaches as well as pleads with him not to fall into the trap that the white man has devised to enslave the young black men into self destruction. John falls for Donita Johnson, while Kevin lays his heart on the line for Meosha. The only problem is the fact that the girls’ family are their enemies...the Bloods. An innocent walk home from school one afternoon births the demons in John and Kevin. John becomes Killa Black while Kevin deems the hood name Killa Kev when loved ones are murdered and causes the ignition of a bloody gang war.

Terry L. Wroten penned an explicit and volatile novel as he paints a graphic picture of gangbanging. The characters are so well written, you actually feel their struggle with the right and the wrong, the love and the hate, the hurt and the pain. You see their lives and the unfairness that they encounter on a daily basis. They face some life-changing choices that can either make them or break them. Mr. Wroten takes you to a place where murderers play Russian Roulette only because they are victims of their environment. Even when they wish for something other than guns and death, they are more often than not facing wars pertaining to life and death, real emotions, as well as mental and physical trials. Natural Born Killaz illustrates a powerful, disturbing and realistic tale of the lives of young residents. It grants you an unrehearsed visual of their brutal actions and their cruel reactions. However, the author challenges you to look past the dark side and see the child within before the birth of heartless murderers. Great debut, Mr. Wroten! You are most definitely a ‘great contender’ in this genre of writing! Kudos!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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