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NEW REVIEW: Various Authors - Can A Sistah Get Some Love? (Anthology)

Can A Sistah Get Some Love? (The Sistah Series)Artic Love Call/For Love Or Success/A Taste For Love/ The Twentieth Century FoxVarious Authors -
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For Love or Success by Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Jasmine Carter is a corporate exec who is looking for the same type of man, even though that hasn't gotten her very far. When her best friend convinces her to take a trip on the city bus with her for fun, Jasmine meets Kevin Matthews-the bus driver. Regardless of how he looks, Jasmine could never be attracted to a bus driver...could she? When she runs into Kevin again, she decides that maybe she would give him a try...on a friendship level. Kevin is willing to go along with this. Jasmine eventually finds another man that is everything she thinks she wants, and Kevin has a steady girl that will always be there. Will Jasmine let Kevin get away because he is not what she envisioned as her perfect guy?

For Love or Success is a good read by Tinisha Nicole Johnson. I enjoyed the twist that Johnson gave the story where the woman was the corporate and the man would have to put his ego in check if her wanted to be with her. The plot could have been a little bit more developed, and there were also a few lagging moments in the story. However, the character development was good.

Arctic Love Call by Nathasha Brooks-Harris

Ava Chantrelle Wellbourne is ready for a change in her life. She is ready to leave the projects in Brooklyn and seek adventure. What better way to achieve that than by accepting a teaching job in Alaska. Once Ava gets to Alaska, she is all work. One evening, her co-worker persuades her to go out. That is where she meets Zachary Blackmon. Zach is a native Alaskan, and his family owns one of the largest crabbing businesses in Alaska. Zach and Ava hit it off immediately. Zach is about to go out on the ship for 4 months, so that doesn't give them a lot of time to spend together. Ava is convinced that she only wants to be friends. Zach is ok with that, for now. When a boating accidents lands Zach in the hospital, Ava is right there by his side. After that, the two are inseparable. However, an ex and Ava's family can change it all.

Arctic Love Call is a wonderful story by Nathasha Brooks-Harris. The setting gives the story a very interesting twist. There are great facts about Alaska throughout the book, like a mini history lesson. Brooks-Harris does a fantastic job with character and plot development as well.  Great read!

A Taste For Love by Zana Kayne

Kayla Powell is not having a great day. She loses her job and her boyfriend all in one day. Something has got to change in her life. After her deceased Aunt leaves her a rundown bakery in her hometown of New Jersey, Kayla decides that this may be the change she needs. Along with her best friend, Kayla sets out to become the new proprietor of Tasty Kayla. Business is not going so well, and on top of that, a troubled teen tries to rob her one night. That is when Detective Clay Weston enters the picture. He is very familiar with the teen and suspects something is going on. From this encounter, Kayla ends up with a new employee and a prospective love interest. That is, if she can get over the age difference and Clay can fight the demons that are eating at him.

A Taste For Love is a wonderful read by Zana Kayne. This story has the "older woman, younger man" twist. There are several secondary characters in this story, and Kayne does a great job of developing them and incorporating them in such a short story. The primary characters and plot are well developed as well. She also throws in a hint of intrigue in the story.

The Twentieth Century Fox by Gail McFarland

Margie Wilson is due for a change. She is in a loveless marriage, her look needs major updating, and she doesn't feel fulfilled in her life. So when her husband sends her divorce papers, she sees this as her life beginning. With the help of her friends, she wins a free gym membership and personal trainer. Her trainer is Justin Gray, owner of Body Kinetics. Kayla and Justin hit it off immediately. Their love is one that had to wait for the right time.

The Twentieth Century Fox is a good read by Gail McFarland. It was refreshing to read about mature adults in a romance story. The primary and secondary characters were very well developed, as was the plot. The story lagged at the beginning, but it picked up toward the end.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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