Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Noire - Unzipped

Unzipped: An Urban Erotic TaleNoire -
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Sometimes life throws us many curveballs. Things can be going well, and the next minute it can be all bad. What if your life as you knew it was forever changed at the hands of evil? How would you handle the situation? Would you seek revenge, or would you lose it all to cause the ones who did you wrong to experience the pain that you felt?

Pearl Baines was a star in her own right. One-half of a twin, Pearl was the complete opposite of her sister Diamond, who was in and out of trouble with a recurring drug problem. Pearl and Diamond were a force to be reckoned with in their teenage years. The Baines twins had the boys in Harlem going crazy, which resulted in the twins getting pregnant by the same man. Pearl strived to change for the better and wanted to set a good example for her daughter and niece. Pearl had goals and worked hard to accomplish them. Pearl’s dreams of becoming a FBI agent began to unfold before her eyes. As Pearl got situated into her life, tragedy struck, and Pearl’s whole family is wiped out in a matter of moments in a tragic fire and murder. Pearl is out for the ultimate revenge. Will Pearl be able to avenge her family’s death, or will she end up being another victim in the process?

Menace grew up fast as a teenager and saw a lot that he should never see as a young boy. With the odds stacked against him, Menace, with the guidance of his mentor Irish Barnes, ended up being more than just a statistic. Menace graduated from high school, college and became a successful business owner. Upon hearing of Irish’s demise, Menace rushes back to Harlem to run Irish’s outreach program and find out what caused his mentor’s demise. Running into Irish’s sole survivor Pearl reignites feelings that Menace thought were long gone. Will Menace act on the love he has for Pearl, or will he keep it professional out of respect for her father?

Unzipped was a powerful novel by Noire. Noire has once again outdone herself. Unzipped tells a story that takes many twists and turns. Pearl’s strength to avenge her family’s death is admirable. For her to put everything on hold, including her career and love life, shows that Pearl is a fighter. I would highly recommend Unzipped.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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