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NEW REVIEW: Beverly Taylor - Desires of the Heart

Desires of the HeartBeverly Taylor -
Desires of the Heart -
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The Greek word for “the heart” is LAY-BAWB and it means the inner man. So it’s no wonder when you read that "God looks on the heart" that He is in fact doing just that...looking inside of us. When you meet the love of your life, what are you looking at? Carson O’Connor finds out the hard way that outer appearances might not last, but when you make a commitment to God or His people to love and cherish, you have to look at the heart to sustain the years together.

Carson and Katharine O’Connor have been married twelve years. Katharine is still in love with her man, but Carson is drawing bored with Katharine. He misses the fun they use to have, He mentions that she no longer wears make-up and walks around the house unattractive. After two children, Katharine is no sore eye. As a matter of fact, she has maintained a coke bottle figure. But when she is in her home, she doesn’t see the pressure to dress like she's going to the boardroom.

It looks like this might be their last year together if Cindy Lomax has her way. Somewhere along the ride, Carson decides to listen to Cindy and winds up driving their marriage into a ditch. Ms. Lomax; the school counselor, isn’t counseling Carson on getting back on track with his marriage but about how to divorce Katharine in less than 90 days. What Ms. Lomax doesn’t bank on is Katharine’s belief in the constitution of "l-o-v-e," and what God anoints, let no man put asunder.

God’s favor, the reflections of scripture and the genuine friendship between Katharine and Natalie warms my heart. Rather than lie to her friend when Katharine asks Natalie a question; the author writes the following to give the reader a glimpse of her love for Katharine: ‘Sometimes even a soft voice is powerless against a broken heart.” Desires of the Heart is an excellent read by Beverly Taylor. 

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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