Thursday, August 12, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Joe Martin - Ill Street Blues

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Come take a journey on these Ill Street Blues by Joe Martin. As a child in Buffalo, N.Y., Bum struggled day to day, growing up with hardly anything to call his own. As he got older, these ill streets were calling his name with all the money that could be made by selling drugs and anything else to bring in the money. He runs with a clique they call the "Young Guns," which included him and his two men Mojo and Bumpkin. With all the money that he's making, there are others on the streets plotting to take him down.

Being born into the game and with his father being one of the biggest dealers in town, it comes natural to Lex to want to follow in his father's footsteps. Money is far from his motive because his family has plenty of it. He is torn between the streets and the fame he has on the football field. His high comes more from being the top five for the NFL draft. Just when Lex is about to let the streets go, something horrific happens.

Billy D is Lex's cousin. Billy D is a hit man for hire and as cold blooded as they come. As a young child, he was a witness to his father's murder, and he still has nightmares from it. When one of the members of the Young Guns is murdered by some rivals, they are out for revenge. When everything is all said and done, who is going to be left standing?

Ill Street Blues by Joe Martin was a typical street-lit novel in that it was filled with money, drugs and murder. They are fighting over streets that they do not own to sell drugs to the innocent, and they do it all for the love of money. Although it was a typical read, I see this author having the potential to have a five star read. Mr. Martin definitely knows how to keep the reader engrossed and how to weave a tale. The ending of the book kind of confused me as well. Unfortunately, I just did not feel that Ill Street Blues stood out from the rest of the pack.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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