Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Allison Hobbs - Lipstick Hustla

Lipstick HustlaAllison Hobbs -
Lipstick Hustla -
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Misty is back with more drama and issues than ever before. Misty is in the process of rebuilding the business that she lost. She now has a stable of young, sexy men who have no problem with satisfying her clients. Misty’s men are bringing in more cash than she could ever imagine. But she still wants the one thing that she can no longer have…Brick. Brick has left Misty behind to marry her mother Thomasina. Brick (a.k.a. Baron) is now enjoying the married life and is excited about the pending birth of his child. But Misty is still holding out hope that Baron wants to come back to her. But Misty’s scandalous ways may be her ultimate undoing when she crosses the wrong person.

Allison Hobbs brought us some more of her signature drama and spice with Lipstick Hustla. If that’s even possible to imagine, Misty is even more scandalous in this book than in the previous ones. Readers will find that Misty is still all about Misty and that her actions definitely demonstrate this. Misty can’t stop her horrible behavior and crushes everybody that gets in her way. It’s refreshing to see Baron get on with his life and become a good, loving husband and father. Hobbs also did an excellent job with giving us an ending to this novel that will leave you speechless. Lipstick Hustla is another exciting page-turner by Allison Hobbs.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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