Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Miasha - Til Death

'Til Death: A Novel (Touchstone)Miasha -
'Til Death -
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Celess and Si-Si are back again with even more drama than before. Now on the run, this duo decides to settle in Italy with the help of one of Si-Si’s former clients. Soon they start a very lucrative international escort business to serve some very wealthy clients. But as always, things are too good to be true when Celess and Si-Si's business and lives are threatened by a familiar past enemy. Si-Si and Celess may self-destruct when they bump heads over the destructive lifestyle they are leading.

Miasha brings back an entertaining duo of characters with ‘Til Death. Miasha illustrates the drama that follows Celess and Si-Si, this time on an international level. Readers of Miasha’s prior books will find that there’s yet another character from another book thrown into this story. Although this is the third and final installment of this series, this book is not as good as the previous books. This novel seemed to be lacking the pizzazz of the other books. The ending was too perplexing and felt rushed. ‘Til Death is still a decent read for those who followed this series.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews
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