Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW REVIEW: J Leon Pridgen II - Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lives

Hidden Secrets, Hidden LivesJ. Leon Pridgen II -
Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lives -
Available February 22, 2011 -
5 out of 5 books -

Rarely do you find a book that can span the spectrum from Urban Fiction to Romance. Mr. Pridgen carried his readers through a range of emotions as we watch "Bones" seek out his nemesis and plot an attack of revenge, have love rekindled, and experience the joy of doing what’s right for the left behind.

Kwame “Bones” Brown owned the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. He and Perry Moore had a lucrative street pharmaceutical enterprise back in the day. But it came to a pause when Kwame was sent to a detention center for a year. While Bones did his time, Perry decided to leave Charlotte and all his secrets behind. What’s unfortunate for Perry is that Bones was waiting on his return. Perry was the brains of their lucrative operation, and Bones was the face of the streets.

After months of waiting on his partner, Bones did what any street thug would do...he began anew and this time, his passion was not only fueled by his love of money but also by revenge and a deep hurt that the reader finds out about almost accidently.

J. Leon did an outstanding job of bridging the worlds of professionalism, street life and home life into one novel. I enjoyed meeting every character in this book, good, bad or just plain ole mean. Naturally, a story should take away the readers’ time and space limitations; Hidden Secrets, Hidden Lives absolutely afforded me the opportunity to travel inexpensively to Charlotte North Carolina and imagine what it feels like to allow revenge to ignite my emotions....which was a bit scary for this reader.

I’m totally excited about his next novel “The Color of Justice,” which will also be released under Strebor Books.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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I don't see the new book by up and coming author Tish. It's called Heads or Tails? Geminis Don't Choose. Google it it's everywhere.