Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Shamara Ray - Recipe For Love

Recipe for Love (Zane Presents)Shamara Ray -
Recipe For Love -
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What beomes of the broken-hearted? Jade has finally had enough of her no good, lying, cheating boyfriend. When he commits the ultimate act of disrespect, she kicks him to the curb. The problem is..he cannot get it through his head that it is really over.

Jade is a beautiful, educated woman who co-owns a restaurant called Rituals with her best friend, Bria, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend's sister. Bria is quick to come to the defense of her brother, no matter what he does. So when Jade begins dating Cain, Bria is far from supportive. Then again, that could also be because Cain owns a restaurant that Rituals is in competition with.

Recipe For Love by Shamara Ray is a tale of love, lies and betrayal. Throughout the story, there is mention of different culinary dishes, which was a nice added touch considering the title of the book. The author even added quite a few interesting recipes at the end of the novel, which I may try out. The story itself was a bit slow.  The story picked up about 200 pages in, but then it just slowed down again. I did enjoy the storyline with Jade's other friend Milan, which was a short part within the story. I would have liked for the author to expand and focus more on this part of the story. All-in-all, Recipe For Love was an okay read.

Reviewed by Leona of Urban Reviews

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