Monday, February 07, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Risque - Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator: A NovelRisqué -
Smooth Operator -
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Arri is a single mom and a hard working secretary by day. But at night, she operates Smooth Operator, a sexy website that fulfills the desires of her clients. The only thing missing in Arri’s life is someone to call her own. Her past is too painful to open her heart to another man until her sexy new boss enters the picture. Lyfe is the new boss in Arri’s office and all eyes are on him. As soon as Lyfe meets Arri, sparks fly and he’s ready to give in to his feelings. But Lyfe has to deal with his powerful, emasculating wife, Payton. Payton rescued Lyfe from his former unsavory lifestyle and always has the upper hand in their relationship. But Payton has bigger issues when her own skeletons are threaten to be exposed.

Smooth Operator is a sexy page-turner by Risqué. Risqué once again brought us an entertaining novel that is full of the eroticism and excitement that we’ve come to expect. You may think that this story is just about Arri, Lyfe, and Payton, but it’s not just about them. In true Risqué fashion, there is a curveball thrown into this story that will leave readers speechless. Risqué does an excellent job of crafting a good erotica novel that’s much more than just a lot meaningless sex. Well-developed characters, intriguing storyline, and mouth-watering sex scenes make Smooth Operator a delectable treat.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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