Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Vanessa Davis Griggs - Ray of Hope

Ray of HopeVanessa Davis Griggs -
Ray of Hope -
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When Crystal and Sahara go to stay with their 75-year-old grandmother, Ma Ray, for the summer, they think that they're about to kick back and let loose. Unfortunately for them, Ma Ray doesn't roll like that. Every time they think that they are one step ahead of their grandmother, she's always two steps ahead of them. They will finally understand that with age comes wisdom. And all Ma Ray is trying to do is show them that they have to use their common sense to get ahead in life. Will the girls take their grandmother's advice, or will they just continue to go down their own path?

Ray of Hope is about a grandmother trying to give advice to her out of control granddaughters. Each time the girls were in a predicament, Ma Ray always had a solution. I loved the fact that this book was written on common sense because nowadays, teenagers think that they have everything figured out and are grown enough to make their own choices. In this book, you will read how Ma Ray tries to advise Crystal and Sahara to have a positive outlook on things and stop going on impulse. I really enjoyed reading this book because of Ma Ray. She was a no nonsense grandmother that was not a push over and didn't let her grandchildren pull anything on her. Ray of Hope is a great read and it shows how kids today still need a little old school wisdom.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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