Saturday, February 12, 2022

New Review : Kiss & Tell : Shana Burton


3 out of 5 books

Running from her problems is Alexis Woodford’s M.O. and she proves it yet again when she flees Charlotte, NC for Bald Head Island, NC. While speeding to her new home and life, she is stopped by Terrance Tomlin for a traffic violation. Terrance lets her off with a warning and an offer to help her move into her new home. Overwhelmed by the amount of unpacking Alexis faces, she takes Terrance up on his offer. During the arduous task of unpacking and assembling furniture, Terrance finds they will need additional help, so he calls his stepbrother who is Alexis’ neighbor to assist. To Alexis’ surprise her neighbor and Terrance’s brother is child star, Roan Carter, whom Alexis has had a crush on from her youth. It is obvious from the start that both brothers are attracted to her and set out to win her heart.

When a crazed and obsessed lover from her past lets her know, he is aware of where she currently lives the brothers vow to protect her. Spending a great deal of time with both Terrance and Roan, Alexis finds herself having to weigh which brother is her forever. Deciding Roan is who she wants to spend her life with, Alexis rushes to weld their future together with a private wedding ceremony despite warnings from family and friends. When Roan’s past is exposed and laid bare, Alexis has a big decision to make. Can she accept his past and love him unconditionally after discovering the truth?

The plot of KISS AND TELL will have you flipping the pages although I did not feel engaged with the characters. There is not a lot of details relayed regarding Alexis’ past and only a little is revealed when she visits Charlotte. I also did not feel the chemistry between Roan and Alexis, although I felt a little more between Terrance and Alexis. Alexis’ feelings seem more as though she was in love with the character Roan played, than the actual actor. This subject matter in this book will make for a very interesting book discussion.

Reviewed by Paula Allen

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