Thursday, February 24, 2022

New Review : The Perfect Ruin : Shanora Williams


3 out of 5 books

Having lost her parents in a tragic car accident, Ivy has a hard time adjusting to life without them.  Although under a therapist care, Ivy wants details surrounding the incident.  The information she yearns for is provided to her in her final session with her therapist and after some research on her own, Ivy seeks revenge against her parents' killer.  The person of interest is Lola Maxwell, an owner of boutiques and founder of a thriving charity.  Loaded with all the information she needs, Ivy sets out to destroy Lola, no matter the cost.  As the events unfold, Ivy began to suspect she may not be the puppet master in Lola’s undoing. 
THE PERFECT RUIN is a suspenseful novel that at times bordered on the unbelievable.  Ivy’s plot for revenge was not well-thought out with too many loose ends.  Also, as a reader, I thought it was unrealistic for her to behave and act on circumstances the exact manner to that one of the characters predicted. Despite the way the plot was executed, the book kept me engaged until the end. 

Reviewed by Paula Allen

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