Friday, February 11, 2022

New Review : Under Color of Law : Aaron Philip Clark


5 out of 5 books

If you like police drama, this book gives that and more!  This story follows the career of Trevor Finnegan from his rookie days to progression to Detective in the LAPD as an African American man.  Compared with other books I’ve read in this genre, and I’ve read a lot of them and by some notable writers, the spin that Mr. Clark puts on this story is formidable.

I found myself caring about the characters, feeling tortured right along with them and wondering how they were going to work through their situations.  The writer put some twists in the story that will keep you turning the pages.  I also like when I can visualize the places that are described even if I’ve never visited them.  This is not a “the case is solved; justice is served and on to the next” story.  It is wrapped up in a way that while it gives you a feeling of resolution, somewhat, it leaves the door open just in case the writer decides to do a sequel.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5.  I look forward to seeing what else Aaron Philip Clark has to offer and maybe more about Detective Trevor Finnegan.

Reviewed by Josephine Winfrey

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