Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Forthcoming: Eric Pete - Blow Your Mind

Eric Pete
Blow Your Mind
Available Now!

Applauded as “one of contemporary fiction’s rising stars” (Urban Reviews), bestselling author Eric Pete now delivers a wildly erotic thriller of sex and revenge—and the dangers of taking both beyond the limits of fantasy…

The husband…is Tanner Coleman, successful and controlling. He knows exactly what he wants professionally—and personally. The wife…is Bianca. She’s staid and respectable—the ideal trophy, perfect for Tanner’s public image—but fulfilling his freaky fantasies is another story.

The other woman…is Bianca’s sister, Pumpkin. She’s everything Bianca isn’t—wild, liberated, and free to give a man what he wants. The other man…is Henry, a gambler with a violent streak. Recently fired by Tanner, he’s got nothing left to lose. What’s on his mind is revenge.

Flesh and fantasy are about to merge. The games are about to begin. But who’s really playing who? The answer is going to blow your mind…

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